Edward S. Ruthazer

Academic title(s): 


Director, Integrated Program in Neuroscience


Contact Information:


Office: MP121
Phone: 514.398.4022


Mailing Address:
Montreal Neurological Institute
McGill University
3801 University St.
Montreal, QC
H3A 2B4


Edward S. Ruthazer

Research Areas:

Behavioural Neuroscience

Research Summary:

Dr. Edward Ruthazer studies the development of topographic maps in the brain at the systems, cellular and molecular levels. In particular, his lab is interested in the influence of neural activity and early experience on the morphology and connectivity of the individual neurons that make up these neural maps. Individual axonal and dendritic branches in the intact brain are constantly remodeling throughout development. Using in vivo time lapse two-photon imaging of single neurons together with in vivo whole-cell voltage clamp recordings, they study the mechanisms underlying the development of brain connectivity, with a spacial focus on the visual system. His lab is also active in developing novel imaging techniques and analyses for the study of neuronal connectivity and intracellular signaling.

We use in vivo imaging and electrophysiological approaches to understand the mechanisms by which circuits are refined in development in response to experience and patterned neural activity. We also study the roles of neuron-glia interactions in circuit development.

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