Racial Bias & Use of Force in Policing

The Graduate Association of Students in Psychology recently hosted a panel on Racial Bias and Use of Force in Policing. In light of Academics for Black Survival and Wellness Week, the panel was an opportunity for students and faculty alike to take some time out of their workday and educate themselves on the history and consequences of anti-Black racism. This panel is just a small step towards educating ourselves and others on current affairs, white privilege, and the lived experiences of Black individuals and people of colour. We encourage everyone to continue to seek information on this important issue - knowledge is power.

You can download the audio only version of the panel here (21Mb) if you would like to listen to this on the go.

We would like to thank our speakers, Dr. Jordan Axt, Dr. Eric Hehman, Eugene Ofosu, Vincent Mousseau, and Ainsleigh Mensah, for their time and insight; Mehrgol Tiv, for leading and moderating the discussion; Alicia Duval, for the amazing work on the panel flyer; and the GASP executives for helping organize the panel.

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