McGill University Health Centre (Adult Sites)

1650 Avenue Cedar, Montreal, QC, H3G 1A4
Telephone 514-934-1934 ext. 42052 
Chief of MUHC Mental Health Mission (Adult Sites): Dr. Nadia Szkrumelak
Email: nadia.szkrumelak [at]

The McGill University Health Centre is comprised of six hospitals: the Lachine General Hospital, the Montreal Chest Institute, the Montreal Children’s Hospital, the Montreal General Hospital, the Montreal Neurological Hospital, and the Royal Victoria Hospital. Psychiatric services are provided by the Mental Health Mission at the adult sites and the Department of Child Psychiatry at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. We work to develop the understanding, prevention, and treatment of mental illness and to improve the lives of patients and their families who are affected by mental illness. As such, our focus is on the development of clinical, training, and research programs in the following areas:

  • Community-based partnerships and programs to support front-line mental health service providers in service delivery, knowledge transfer, illness education, and prevention
  • Hospital-based specialized services for individuals with severe mental illness
  • Super-specialized programs for research into and treatment of complex mental illness.

Message from the Chief

The McGill University Health Centre is one of the world’s foremost academic health centres and is highly committed to its community. The Mental Health Mission of the McGill University Health Centre works towards the understanding, prevention, and treatment of mental illness, and towards improving the lives of patients and their families who are affected by mental illness. As a centre of excellence in mental health care, the MUHC Mental Health Mission is committed:

  • to support community based health professionals providing primary mental health services
  • to provide leadership and excellence in the specialized and ultra-specialized treatment of mental illness,
  • to train both hospital and community based health professionals working in mental health,
  • to advance knowledge through research into the prevention and causes of mental illness and the development and evaluation of new technologies for the treatment of mental illness.

The Mental Health Mission of the McGill University Health Centre achieves these goals through advocacy, clinical care, education, and research in mental health and mental illness.


  • Addictions
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Early Psychosis and Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders
  • Mood Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy
  • Human Sexuality
  • Clinical Psychopharmacology and Therapeutics Unit
  • Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
  • Emergency Psychiatric Services
  • Inpatient Psychiatry and Partial Hospitalization Service





Dr. Pierre Assalian
Dr. Linda Beauclair
Dr. Paul Beaudry
Dr. Chawki Benkelfat
Dr. Pierre Bleau
Dr. Marie Josée Brouillette
Dr. Pablo Cervantes
Dr. Dara Charney
Dr. Monique Desjardins
Dr. Pascale Des Rosiers
Dr. Kia Faridi
Dr. Allan Fielding
Dr. Robert Franck
Dr. Ronald Fraser
Dr. Guillaume Galbaud du Fort
Dr. Gabriella Gobbi
Dr. Karine Godard
Dr. Haviva Goldhaar

Dr. Annette Granich
Dr. Donald Groenewege
Dr. Lawrence Hoffman
Dr. Karine Igartua
Dr. Robert Keller
Dr. Theodore Kolivakis
Dr. Thomas Kolivakis
Dr. Marc Laporta
Dr. Graeme Low
Dr. Nancy Low
Dr. Howard Margolese
Dr. Gregory Meterissian
Dr. Thomas Milroy
Dr. Silvia Monti de Flores
Dr. Richard Montoro
Dr. Gail Myhr
Dr. Juan C.Negrete

Dr. Jorge Palacios-Boix
Dr. Louis Pinard
Dr. Zorana Prelevic
Dr. Baldomero Presser
Dr. Alec Ramsay
Dr. Kenneth Richter
Dr. Tewfik Said
Dr. Marie Saint-Laurent
Dr. Ghislaine Savard
Dr. Warren Steiner
Dr. Nadia Szkrumelak
Dr. Stephen Vida
Dr. Asher Wilner
Dr. Gerald Wiviott
Dr. Deborah Zack
Dr. Georgina Zahirney
Dr. Eugenia Zikos