Quebec 1K: Transforming Autism Cares Consortium Interview CTV Montreal news at 5, September 8, 2021, 

Quebec 1K Announcement


Article: Lesch-Nyhan disease causes impaired energy metabolism and reduced developmental potential in midbrain dopaminergic cells.


Article: Mutations in ACTL6B cause neurodelopmental deficits and epilepsy and lead to loss of dendrites in human neurons


Article:  Disruption of GRIN2B impairs differentiation of human neurons

Gilles Maussion interviewed by Radio-Canada about the GRIN2B paper:


  •  Stem Cells Translational Medicine CRISPR/Cas9 paper (in French) Dec 12, 2016:


  • The lab is pursuing therapeutic avenues to develop a treatment for EHMT1 deficiency syndrome, find the video developed by our funder, GeneSpark, here:

  • Listen to Dr Ernst on CJAD800 AM radio (July 21, 2016)


Article: Molecular convergence of neurodevelopmental disorders

  • Listen to Dr Ernst on CBC's science radio show, Quirks and Quarks, with Bob Mcdonald (October 18, 2014)




Article: Mosaic copy number variation in schizophrenia

  • Science Daily, HealthMedicinenet,,,, (December 2012)


Article: Disruption of a long non-coding RNA in subjects with neurodevelopmental disabilities

  • Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun,, US News & World Report,, MedlinePlus, MedScape (October 2012)


Article: Highly Penetrant Alterations of a Critical Region Including BDNF in Human Psychopathology and Obesity

  • Carl Ernst Featured in Quebec Science magazine (October 2012)

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