March 2021

The following students receive Awards from the MedStar Award for their publications in recognition of the excellent research carried out in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University. The submitted papers demonstrates the breadth and excellence of research being accomplished by the graduate student, postdoctoral and resident trainees. The winning papers were selected to demonstrate excellence at all levels and to represent all disciplines of the training programs in the Faculty of Medicine:

  • Jennifer Chen received the McGill MedStar Award for her publication entitled “Spt5 phosphorylation and the Rtf1 Plus3 domain promote Rtf1 function through distinct mechanisms “,  Congratulations Jennifer!
  • Jace Jones-Tabah received the McGill MedStar Award for his publication entitled “Dopamine D1 receptor signalling in dyskinetic Parkinsonian rats revealed by fiber photometry using FRET‑based biosensors “. Congratulations Jace!

Vicky Wang, PhD trainee in Drs. Hales and Robaire labs, received the first place graduate student award for her poster presentation on “Benchmark Concentration (BMC) Analyses of the Effects of Organophosphate Esters (OPEs) on the Phenotype and Function of KGN Human Granulosa Cells”.  Congratulations Vicky!

Aileen Yan won the second place prize for her paper in Toxicological Sciences entitled “Exposure to tert-Butylphenyl Diphenyl Phosphate, an Organophosphate Ester Flame Retardant and Plasticizer, Alters Hedgehog Signaling in Murine Limb Bud Cultures” (Toxicol Sci. 2020; 178:251-263. doi: 10.1093/toxsci/kfaa145). This is two years in a row for Aileen since she received the first prize last year for her 2019 paper.  Congratulations Aileen!

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