Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowship

Name of Institution:

The Montreal Children’s Hospital



Neurosurgery Program Dir.

Dr. Jeffrey Atkinson

Fellowship Director:

Dr. Jean-Pierre Farmer
Co-supervisors: Dr. Jeffrey Atkinson, Dr. Roy Dudley

Fellowship Information:

Duration of not less than one year

No.of Fellowship Positions:


The Pediatric Neurosurgical Fellowship at McGill was established in 1994 and we have trained a number of Pediatric Neurosurgeons who practice in Canada, the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. It is recognized by the American Board of Pediatric Neurosurgery.

We expect the Fellow to be involved in an average of 300 major pediatric neurosurgical cases. We believe in a programmatic approach. We have strong programs in Neuro- Oncology, Functional Neurosurgery including an Epilepsy Program, which follows the strong tradition of surgery for epilepsy at McGill, and a Renowned Spasticity Program, for children. Our neuro-trauma, Maxillo-Facial, Prenatal and Congenital (myelodysplasia and hydrocephalus) Programs are very solid with plenty of opportunities for research and publication.

We expect the Fellow to get involved in resident teaching as well as in the academic activities of the Division, locally at the Children’s Hospital and throughout McGill Neurosurgery. Often, our Fellows are asked to get involved in teaching in a number of the Neuroscience disciplines. We expect the Fellow to be involved in publication of peer-reviewed papers and book chapters. On an exceptional basis, it is possible to extend the Fellowship to 2 years if the continuing fellow embarks in a significant research projects(s) in his second year while maintaining clinical activity.

The Director of the Fellowship is Dr. Jean-Pierre Farmer but the supervision is shared with the other two surgical members of the Division, Drs. Atkinson and Dudley. Julie Brouillard, (Clinical Nurse Specialist), Lili Orsini (fellowship coordinator) and Caterina Parretta, (clinical secretary), complete the team.

Academic Facilities:

  • The Montreal Children’s Hospital relocated in a new state of the art facility at the Glen Site on May 24th, 2015.
  • The Fellow will have access to the Pediatric Neurosurgical Staff, Montreal Children’s Hospital, Montreal Neurological Hospital, and the McGill Medical Libraries.
  • The Fellow will have access to a Neuronavigation Planning Unit and to a 3T- intra-operative MRI unit at the Children’s Hospital.
  • Access to the McGill Simulation center is also available. As well, access to a pediatric Simulation center at the Glen Site, new Shriners Hospital is available since January 2016.

Fellow Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The Fellow will act as a junior medical staff and interact and supervise closely the residents on the Service.
  • The Fellow will take call from home to a maximum of 9 calls/period.
  • The Fellow will attend the different clinics in the Pediatric Neurosurgical Service. These include: Pediatric Neurosurgery, Neuro-Oncology, Spasticity, and Spina Bifida Clinics.
  • The Fellow will attend and participate in the different conferences, rounds including Neuro-Radiology, Tumor Board, M & M Rounds, Surgical Pediatric and Neurosurgical Grand Rounds and Epilepsy Rounds.
  • The Fellow will attend and participate in the Preston-Robb Academic Day and the H. Bruce Williams Pediatric Surgical Research Day and in the different Neurosurgical Conference days at McGill.
  • The Fellow in collaboration with Staff will organize Journal Club once per month.
  • We encourage participation and presentation at Pediatric Neurosurgical Meetings. Funding will be provided if the Fellow is presenting.
  • The Members of the McGill Pediatric Neurosurgical Group are always available for information and help during the Fellowship.

We are unable to consider trainees who do not meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the following section: or whose file is incomplete.

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