Pediatric surgeon with stethscope examines young girl

Surgical Research

The division of Paediatric Ophthalmology at the MCH has a very active research and research training program.

Dr. Koenekoop heads the McGill Ocular Genetics Laboratory and Clinic, where studies are done to discover new genes for blindness such as retinal degenerations. Using genomic and molecular genetic technology he is interested in identifying the retinal disease pathways and mechanisms in order to develop novel treatments. His lab is funded by CIHR, FFB-Canada, NIH, Reseau Vision, and FRSQ. His program trains students, residents and fellows. This basic science work is performed in the newly created MUHC RI. He and his clinical trials team are currently involved in three human clinical trials, including stem cell treatment for retinitis pigmentosa, gene therapy for Choroideremia and drug therapy for Leber congenital amaurosis. This research is done at the newly created Center for Innovative Medicine (CIM).

Dr. Khan and her team are performing a study to perform minor surgeries outside the OR under sedation, negating full anaesthesia. She and her team are comparing chloral hydrate to intranasal midazolam. Dr. Toffoli and her team are studying the consequences of brain diseases on eye and visual development. Currently they are studying the visual consequences of meningitis.

Dr Pierre Lachapelle and Dr. Allison Dorfman form the Electrophysiology section, where studies are done to elucidate the structure and function of the retina in health and in diseases such as ROP and retinal degenerations. Dr Lachapelle is funded by the CIHR, FFB, Reseau, NSERC and other agencies and has an active training program for students and graduate students.

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