Undergraduate Medical Education

The Department is intimately committed to, and involved in, the education of undergraduate medical students. Departmental faculty are involved in all phases of undergraduate medical education. During the first two years of the undergraduate program, multiple faculty teach didactic lectures and lead small group sessions. Rotations in pediatric surgical specialties, both at the Transition to Clinical Practice and Clerkship levels, have been highly rated by students. Students are well integrated into the house staff teams. They often receive direct supervision from faculty surgeons both in the clinic and the operating room. They are included in all bedside and hospital-based teaching sessions. Faculty also supervise significant numbers of students in research throughout the year, including the summer research bursary program provided by the Faculty of Medicine. Students are encouraged to present at local and international meetings and many have in fact done so in the last several years. A number of students interested in global health have conducted research under the auspices of the Department both in Montreal and in field settings within low income countries. The Department has coordinated with the Centre of Global Health to provide students interested in global health research with opportunities to conduct such research and see it to fruition.

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