Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery

Young boy with superimposed image of brain


The Division of Neurosurgery provides a full range of surgical services for prenates, neonates, infants, children and adolescents born with congenital or acquired neurosurgical indices. The Division has well established, strong multidisciplinary teams in neuro-oncolody dealing with tumours of the brain and the spinal cord as well as neuro-traumatology for the management of traumatic cerebral and spinal pathologies. The epilepsy surgery program is world renown and deals with a surgical and medical management of patients with intractable epilepsy. The movement disorder program is well-established for the management of spasticity (or stiffness), usually in children who were born prematurely; the program for Deep Brain Stimulation in the management of other movement disorders is being developed. We have a very strong frame and frameless stereotactic program, which allows us to do minimally invasive surgery in the management of tumours, epilepsy and movement, disorders. The treatment of congenital malformations including hydrocephalus and spina bifida is of great interest to the members of the division. Our endoscopy program with both flexible and rigid endoscopy is very well established. In collaboration with genetics, obstetrics, surgery etc. we have a well-established prenatal diagnostic program, which allows us to plan delivery and medical/surgical management. We have recently procured an intra-operative MRI suite, the only one in a pediatric hospital in Canada. This will greatly help in the management of pediatric tumors and epilepsy.

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