Aims of the program

The Graduate Studies Program in the Department of Pathology has been designed to achieve three major goals:

1. To train students in the design, performance, interpretation and documentation of laboratory research by guiding them as they carry out a thesis project in one of the many sub-disciplines of pathology
2. To ensure that students have a comprehensive knowledge of biomedical science, with an advanced and up-to-date understanding of pathology.  In addition to the scientific component, Ph.D. candidates should also become familiar with the general principles of diagnostic pathology. (Foreign medical graduates should be aware that this level of conceptual knowledge regarding diagnostic procedures is NOT adequate preparation for clinical employment and those wishing to practise Pathology as a medical specialty should apply for residency training rather than graduate studies.)
3. To provide initial training in effective techniques of scientific communication: organizing and delivering lectures and research seminars; preparing and evaluating manuscripts and grant applications.

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