GPS Pathology Contacts

You can get in touch with our graduate program via the following contacts:

Prof. Carolyn Baglole, PhD

Program Director, Pathology Graduate Program
Meakins-Christie Laboratories
RI-MUHC, Block E
Office EM2.2248, Lab E03.4367
1001 Decarie Blvd.
Montreal, QC H4A 3J1
Email: carolyn.baglole [at]

Hua Ling, PhD

Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator
UGME and Graduate Studies

Duff Medical Building, Room B4
3775 Rue University
Email: gradstudies.pathology [at]

Amanda Perozzo, PhD

Research Coordinator and Communications
The Neuro, Room 632 (temporary)
3801 Rue University
Email: amanda.perozzo [at]

Do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns!

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