Our Mission & Objectives


To be an international leader in pathology education and research while providing the highest quality of diagnostic service

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."
                                                                                   Steve Jobs


  • Innovative teaching to prepare future leaders in pathology and in medical science
  • Produce high impact research to expand our basic understanding of human health and disease
  • Model optimal pathology practice to provide timely and highest quality diagnostic consultation service to our patients


  • PEOPLE: Team work, collegiality, trust, respect, and caring
  • PERFORMANCE: Integrity, self-discipline, dedication, and excellence
  • LEADERSHIP: Transparency, fairness, accountability, and innovation


  • Maintain and enhance the department’s national and international status as one of the best places to provide pathology education
  • Achieve the recognition of five leading research programs that will be recognized at national or international level
  • Achieve the recognition of five leading clinical subspecialty areas at the national or international level
  • Establish a robust Quality Assurance system for all hospital sites, leading to accreditation by the College of American Pathologists


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