In Memoriam: Gordon Bingham

Gordon Bingham, 1943 - 2015

In life, we are privileged to interact with many people, through work and social occasions, and we may benefit greatly from those intersections. Gordon Bingham (Gord/ Gordie) touched and benefited many lives in that way in the Macdonald/ McGill and West Island communities.

Gord was a central figure in the functioning of many organizations.  His caring and easy manner routinely evoked good will in everyone who crossed his path. Gord was an integral figure in the McGill / Macdonald Campus community, particularly at the Institute of Parasitology where he worked for more than 50 years.  Professors, staff and graduate students held Gord in high regard. Whenever a problem arose, the solution was always, “Go ask Gord “. He oversaw Animal Care research facilities, Building and Infrastructure facilities, and was responsible for workplace safety, including biohazardous and radioactive waste disposal. His work ethic was beyond reproach, as he typically spent long hours into evenings and weekends getting work done that was essential to the smooth operation of our Institute.  His competence was broad and deep and shared with exemplary generosity and kindness. Gord was also deeply committed to many social and sports activities, from playing and coaching softball and hockey, to refereeing, being a scout leader for young boys and being involved in his church. Gord was known far and wide for his good deeds.

Gord was a devoted father, grandfather and husband. His children, Tammy, Jennifer, Brian and Jonathan, his wife Shirley and grandchildren Heidi, Emma, Brian and James feel his absence most keenly.  His friends and work colleagues have lost a kind soul whose absence lingers. Our community is a bit less centered, a bit less cohesive, and a lot less joyful without Gord in it.

In closing, as lives intersect and people come and go in our community, being without Gord at our center has made us all poorer. We fondly remember a good man for his humble and virtuous nature and his genuine good will for all. 

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