Stephen Liben

Stephen Liben, MD
Full Professor of Pediatrics, McGill University
Director, Pediatric Palliative Care Program, The Montreal Children's Hospital
stephen.liben [at] (Email)


Stephen Liben’s research is focused on better understanding the needs of children with life-limiting illness and their families. Research includes evaluating how to ensure that children do not suffer unnecessarily as well as looking at how to best support families through the death of a child.

Stephen Liben is working on a project with the Canadian Virtual Hospice, with funding from Health Canada, to develop a webspace to support the care of a seriously ill or dying infant, child or teen (2019). This webspace would be available to children and teens who have a serious illness or anyone caring for a child (from prenatal to 19 years of age) with any type of serious illness. The project includes five components including funding of approximately $200,000 designate to develop a webspace to support the care of a seriously ill or dying child where both families and HCP can come to one place to find what they need. Team Lead: Dr. Adam Rapoport, Project Manager: Ms. Simone Stenekes. Project advisers: S Liben & others. Stephen continues to work in the area of mindfulness and has conducted multiple workshops on Mindfulness and Clinical Resilience.


Selected Publications

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