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 Nationally networked, this group of researchers focuses on clinically pertinent and theoretically grounded studies. Family bereavement, quality of life in children with cancer, and the unique needs of  health professionals working in pediatric palliative care are among this group's  compelling topics of interest and expertise. An active group of clinical and academic researchers, the Pediatric Palliative Care Research Group meets regularly to discuss study design, methodology, research  ethics,  conference presentations and publication.  

We continue to be involved in numerous local, provincial, national and international research networks and initiatives. These include:

Réseau québécois en soins palliatifs et de fin de vie (Mary Ellen Macdonald, Franco Carnevale, Stephen Liben)

International Work Group on Death, Dying and Bereavement (Mary Ellen Macdonald) 

PedPalASCNet: A network for accessible, sustainable, and collaborative research in pediatric palliative care (Chair, H Siden, MD) (Mary Ellen Macdonald, Stephen Liben) • Pediatric Palliative Care Research Network (Mary Ellen Macdonald, Stephen Liben).

• Views on Interdisciplinary Childhood Ethics (VOICE) (MEM, FC) 

Graduate Training for Pediatric Palliative Care Research

1. VOICE (Views on Interdisciplinary Childhood Ethics, This program is led by Franco Carnevale (ME Macdonald is a team member). VOICE is a research and practice development initiative conducted by an interdisciplinary research team in collaboration with a network of community partners and stakeholders working to advance the field of childhood ethics. Funding includes CIHR and SSHRC. The principal aims of this initiative are to identify, investigate, and develop strategies for addressing ethical concerns relating to young people. Through VOICE, palliative care trainees have access to exciting training and networking opportunities.

2. McCutcheon Scholars David McCutcheon Post-Doctoral Fellowship ($40,000 x 2 years; one-time award): Postdoctoral trainee, Konstantinos Mastorakis, completed his 2-year training in May 2019 (supervised by Mary Ellen Macdonald and Franco Carnevale). His project, A study of the perspectives of youth regarding medical assistance in dying for mature minors, explored the ethics of applying the new Canadian MAID legislation to youth populations. David McCutcheon Doctoral Scholarship ($25,000 per year/3 years; endowment-based, open for competition every 3-years): Doctoral trainee, Ms. Raissa Passos dos Santos, from Santa Maria, Brazil, completed her tenure of this award in September 2019 (supervised by Mary Ellen Macdonald and Franco Carnevale). The selection committee is chaired by Mary Ellen Macdonald, and includes Franco Carnevale, Stephen Liben, and Robin Cohen.

For more information about the research interests and activities of this group, visit the member profiles in the left side menu. (Graduate student names are astrisked *)
For other information about the program, contact the program coordinator, matthew.young4 [at] (Matthew Young)
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