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The P. Lantz Initiative

image of Pauline Smith and Stephanie Rossy
Pauline Smith and Stephanie Rossy

The P. Lantz Initiative for Excellence in Education and the Arts fund is an umbrella for a number of initiatives in the Faculty of Education:

  • scholarships for students;
  • an artist-in-residence program to ensure professional leadership, expertise, mentoring, and pedagogical collaboration across the Faculty;
  • resources to support performance/exhibition spaces that will to ensure the public presentation of student and Faculty-produced arts projects, research, and creative work (visual, music, drama); and
  • support for partnerships with local schools in music education.

For the students and educators in the Faculty of Education, these initiatives provide valuable access to resources, support, ideas, techniques, inspiration, and opportunities and extends to those they influence: their students, their communities, and their families. These initiatives also solidify the Faculty’s capacity to stand behind its stated commitment to the arts and to the critical role played by the arts in the construction of knowledge.

The P. Lantz Initiative for Excellence in Education & the Arts is coordinated by the McGill Faculty of Education, Department of Integrated Studies in Education, Institute for Human Development and Well-Being, and Participatory Cultures Lab.

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