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How Many Yerbas Does It Take to Overdose on Caffeine?

26 Aug 2022

For many students, picking up a coffee from the dining hall before pulling a late nighter at the library is all too familiar. I will admit, I’m an energy drink fiend. My friends have commented on...

The Magic of Butterfly Pea Tea

10 Aug 2022

The scientific name for the Butterfly Pea plant is Clitoria ternatea, which sounds exactly like what you may be thinking: female genitalia. In fact, its name was inspired by the resemblance of its...

Does Drinking Kombucha Have any Health Benefits?

15 Aug 2019

Shira Cohen is studying Nutrition at the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition at McGill University, specializing in Global Nutrition. ...

Is coffee having an effect on my iron absorption?

10 May 2019

Iron is an essential dietary nutrient needed for the formation of hemoglobin, the complex protein that transports oxygen through the bloodstream and delivers it to cells where the oxygen is needed...

The key to cleaning your teapot is chemistry

22 Feb 2019

Do you ever try to wash a mug only to be confronted by tea stains that just won’t budge? A little bit of chemistry may be just what you need to get your mugs back to white....

Did you know there is ink in your tea?

22 Nov 2018

Like any plant, the tea plant is composed of hundreds of different compounds. Some of the most interesting ones fall into the category of polyphenols, so called because of their molecular structure...

Chamomile Tea, Will You Help Me Sleep Tonight?

8 Mar 2018

We’ve all heard it: chamomile tea is what you drink if you have difficulty falling asleep. This bit of folkloric wisdom has been repeated so many times, it must be true, right?

Khat, and Not the Fuzzy Kind

9 Jan 2018

Khat is a plant native to Africa that when chewed produces a stimulant effect, similar to amphetamines. It’s regulated in several countries (including Canada) and its use actually predates the...

The Science Behind the World's Most Popular Drug

18 Sep 2017

Last year I worked at a coffee shop on McGill campus. If you ever want to feel appreciated at work, try putting on the first pot of coffee for a bunch of sleep deprived college students and...


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