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Statins Have a Proven Track Record

25 Nov 2020

This article was first published in The Montreal Gazette.

Can Avocados Lower My Cholesterol?

12 Feb 2020

There aren’t many well-done nutrition studies. Many studies are observational and rely on questionnaires to figure out what people eat. There are very few randomized trials because these are hard...

The "Polypill" and Cardiovascular Disease

25 Oct 2019

The idea of a polypill was first proposed nearly 20 years ago and the idea was a simple one. Make one pill that contained a baby aspirin, a cholesterol medication, and blood pressure pills. Rather...

Cholesterol in Cosmetics

13 Mar 2019

Many cosmetics, ranging from lipstick to moisturizing creams, contain ingredients referred to as emollients whose main purpose is to keep the skin hydrated and prevent moisture in the skin from...

The Great Cholesterol Debate

5 Jul 2018

Before we can talk about cholesterol and how to measure it we need to get some things straight. Cholesterol is absolutely tied to heart disease even though convincing people of that fact has been...

Low-Carb Lessons from An Undertaker?

18 Jan 2018

When William Banting could no longer walk upstairs without panting or bend down to tie his shoelaces, he decided that something had to be done. Swimming, walking, Turkish baths and near-starvation...

How to Make the Healthiest Cup of Tea

28 Aug 2017

I grew up with British grandparents who probably averaged 5-7 cups of tea a day- a routine I picked up sometime around the age of 10. I never considered though that tea could be good for me! We’ve...


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