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The Secret World Inside Us

20 Mar 2017

Recently, there’s been an influx of media attention on guts. More specifically, the microbes that live in your gut. Extensive research is being done on these little guys as they seem to be having a...

Marketing Appears to Trump Science on Antibacterials

20 Mar 2017

Store shelves these days sag under the weight of antibacterial soaps, cosmetics, socks, toys and even garbage bags. There’s no question that “antibacterial” on a label increases sales, but there...

In the 16th Century Someone Tried to Poison Benvenuto Cellini, but Instead Cured his Syphilis... How?

20 Mar 2017

With mercuric chloride, also known as “corrosive sublimate.” People have been intrigued by mercury and its compounds for over 3500 years. Ko Hung, an ancient Chinese alchemist was one of the first...

Chocolate's Effect on the Gut

20 Mar 2017

According to a Switzerland study, there is more to the stomach than we think. Of course we all know that stomachs come in all different shapes and sizes, firmness and floppiness; but, what many do...

Can I eat food from a dented can?

20 Mar 2017

Obviously, the concern about dented cans is that the food they contain may not be safe to eat. To address this question we have to know a little about the canning process. The preservation of food...

Is Food Irradiation Dangerous?

20 Mar 2017

Try asking people what they are more scared of, exposing food to nuclear radiation or eating food contaminated by E. coli, Listeria or Salmonella bacteria. It’s a safe bet that many would rather...

The Good Old Days?

20 Mar 2017

Surveys show that one of the biggest worries people have is about the safety of our food supply. When asked what they are concerned about, they mention pesticide residues, additives, genetic...

Are Antibacterial Household Products A Health Hazard?

20 Mar 2017

Antibiotic resistance from “superbugs” has been a growing concern of health professionals for the past 20 years. Diseases that are now treatable could soon become fatal, if nothing is done to...

What is xylitol doing in chewing gum?

20 Mar 2017

Giving the chewer a sweet experience without worrying about cavities. Hopefully it does this without precipitating a quick trip to the bathroom. Sugar, as we well know, is persona- non-grata as far...


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