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A Novel Ice Cream

23 May 2017

An ice cream parlor recently developed a new ice cream flavor: vanilla lemon “Baby Gaga”, made from real human breast milk. Though breast milk has been known for its nutritious content and benefits...

Salted Butter

23 May 2017

Before refrigeration butter would often spoil due to bacterial contamination. Salt was then added as a preservative. It works by dehydrating bacteria. Obviously since salted butter lasted longer,...

Paper Towels or Hand Air Dryers?

22 May 2017

Many people believe that hand air dryers are more hygienic than paper towels because fewer people touch air dryers compared with paper towel dispensers.  But studies show that in terms of hygiene,...

Can "Kombucha tea" prevent the flu?

20 Mar 2017

While some people are looking to stockpile Tamiflu in case the bird flu strikes, a few others are placing their bets on a foul concoction with a folkloric history of curing everything from AIDS and...

Hand dryers or Paper Towel? That is the question.

20 Mar 2017

How many times have you washed your hands in a public bathroom and searched in vain for a paper towel dispenser? Who wants to wait around while some electronic gizmo on the wall blows lukewarm air...

The Secret World Inside Us

20 Mar 2017

Recently, there’s been an influx of media attention on guts. More specifically, the microbes that live in your gut. Extensive research is being done on these little guys as they seem to be having a...

Marketing Appears to Trump Science on Antibacterials

20 Mar 2017

Store shelves these days sag under the weight of antibacterial soaps, cosmetics, socks, toys and even garbage bags. There’s no question that “antibacterial” on a label increases sales, but there...

Jerusalem Artichokes

20 Mar 2017

"But in my judgement, which way soever they be drest and eaten they stir up and cause a filthie loathsome stinking winde with the bodie, thereby causing the belly to be much pained and tormented,...


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