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What is xylitol doing in chewing gum?

20 Mar 2017

Giving the chewer a sweet experience without worrying about cavities. Hopefully it does this without precipitating a quick trip to the bathroom. Sugar, as we well know, is persona- non-grata as far...

Is it true that onions can absorb bacteria?

20 Mar 2017

The most fascinating thing about the email that circulates about the curative properties and dangers of onions is that some people give it credence. Why would anyone believe some unsubstantiated...

Helicobacter Pylori

20 Mar 2017

The 2005 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology was awarded to Australian Drs. Robin Warren and Barry Marshall for demonstrating that most ulcers are caused by a bacterium and can be cured with...

"Thatcher, Thatcher, Milk Snatcher”

20 Mar 2017

The British press dubbed the future Prime Minister “Thatcher, Thatcher, milk snatcher” for sponsoring legislation to eliminate the free milk program for students over the age of seven.  The program...

Why do we kiss?

22 Feb 2017

What makes us exchange saliva, sebum, bits of food and millions of bacteria with each other? In other words, why do we kiss? This is not an innate activity. South Pacific islanders, for example,...

Could the Food Babe (for once) be on the right track?

15 Feb 2017

Even a clock that doesn’t work is right twice a day. A blind squirrel sometimes finds an acorn. And the Food Babe sometimes flirts with the truth. She has organized ridiculous petitions against...


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