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General Science

Can Beta Blockers Help with Stage Fright?

20 Mar 2017

Stage fright has nothing to do with talent. Barbara Streisand, for example, is loaded with talent and yet fears appearing on stage. Some people just don’t like the focus that the stage or podium...

Do men's and women's armpits smell differently?

20 Mar 2017

If you’re into cheese scents, you’ll find them in a male armpit, but if onion or grapefruit aromas are more your thing, then you’re more likely to find it armpit of a perspiring woman.Yes, men and...

Green Synthesis of Succinic Acid

20 Mar 2017

Go to any chemistry conference these days and you’ll find multiple sessions on green chemistry. They won’t be talking about making green paints or growing plants. Actually that isn’t true. They may...

Why is milk white and not green like grass?

20 Mar 2017

Questions about milk are always interesting because, after all, it is our first food. Milk is meant to be the only sustaining food during early life and therefore it must contain all the required...

Testing of Chemicals

20 Mar 2017

You’ve seen the headlines. Of the 80,000 or so synthetic chemicals in the market place only a few thousand have been adequately tested. Activist groups constantly scream about inadequate testing...

Drug Testing

20 Mar 2017

There are a lot of people who make money by doing drugs. Not the way you think though. They take on the role of human guinea pigs to test prospective medicinal drugs. Their role is mired in...

Bath Salts & Other Spiked Drugs

20 Mar 2017

“Bath salts,” “vacuum fresheners” and “plant food” seem innocuous enough. You can pick then up at some gas stations, convenience stores, some garden supply shops, or order them on the Internet....

Can a hospice cat signal death is looming?

20 Mar 2017

16th century Italians looked on black cats with a wary eye. Especially if one snuggled up to a bedridden patient. The cat’s affection, they thought, signaled that death was approaching. Oscar the...

"Social Tonics"

20 Mar 2017

If it isn’t illegal, it must be legal. That’s why benzylpiperazine pills, under names such as Purepillz, Peaq, The Good Stuff, Frenzy and Pure Rush can be sold in Canada. And what are these pills? ...


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