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A "Short" Solution to Shedding the Pounds

I had friends in University that wrestled. And I never really got it.  The jousting, the hold-‘em-down-till-they’re-finished-mentality. And the outfits. I won’t even get started on that one. But what really got to me was the way these wrestlers went about their training and what they felt they had to endure to prepare for their time in the ring. I heard stories of riding stationary bikes. In saunas. Wearing full sweat suits, hoods and all. The point? Sweat off the pounds. Shed enough water that when being weighed, you make it to the lower weight category so your opponent would be on the smaller side. This, I felt, was just plain dangerous. My time at University is long gone and my wrestling friends have moved on and found other sports.

Yet the other day, I came across a new line of workout clothes, designed to heat up the body to promote weight loss. My neural connections fired and there I was, back to my “why are you biking in a sauna?” days. The clothes are manufactured by Delfin Spa, and made out of a “bio-ceramic” material, a material made by heating various mineral oxides such as those of silica, aluminum, and magnesium. This is then added to the nylon/lycra lining of the shorts. According to the manufacturer, the bio-ceramic material is essential since it’s prime function is to interact with our “body’s naturally produced Far-Infrared Rays (FIRs), “or in a simple word, heat. Basically the material reflects heat. Supposedly the heat then breaks down cellulite. Fat chance. The Delfin Spa website essentially agrees, stating that the “Delfin Spa Anti-Cellulite cream” is also needed. It utilizes a combination of natural plant extracts to lessen cellulite, improve micro circulation and assist in reduction of retained liquid.” But don’t worry, if you think the cost of both these nifty workout clothes and cream is more than you can handle, you will be getting your money’s worth, since both the shorts and the cream can be used even if you don’t exercise. These materials are designed to be sleek and tight-fitting and so can be worn all day, every day. So while you may have to compromise comfort at the office, just think - the more hot and sweaty you’ll get, the more likely those cute little shorts under your jeans are working hard to penetrate the cellulite on your butt cheeks. If only these were around for my Wrestler friends. And if only they worked.  

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