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Sweating Out the Hype Over the Finnish Sauna

4 Dec 2021

What are children introduced to, on average, at the age of four and a half months? Your answer will vary depending on where you are from. In Finland, the answer is the sauna.

Sweating like a pig

18 Sep 2018

A graduate student at the University of California was having a little dispute with his girlfriend. It seems she had started massage school and came home with some newly acquired information from a...

Heat Wave Fury

19 Jul 2018

Like all warm-blooded mammals, we humans need to get rid of the heat we generate with every chemical reaction in our bodies. Most animals, like dogs, get rid of heat by panting. Panting is actually...

A "Short" Solution to Shedding the Pounds

20 Mar 2017

I had friends in University that wrestled. And I never really got it.  The jousting, the hold-‘em-down-till-they’re-finished-mentality. And the outfits. I won’t even get started on that one. But...

Stinky Boyfriend? Blame Your Nose.

20 Mar 2017

Some girls find their boyfriend’s natural odor sexy, some find it repugnant. And a new study conducted by molecular genetics and microbiology professor Hiroaki Matsunami and his team at Duke...

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