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Lipstick Ingredients

Lipsticks, (the waxy kind that come in the traditional tube), contain a variety of natural waxes, such as beeswax, carnauba wax, ozokerite, ceresin, or microcrystalline wax, which is derived from petroleum. These waxes are softened with mineral or vegetable oils, or with petroleum jelly. And in order to get the colour spread evenly over the lips and remain there for more than 30 minutes, film formers are added. Colourants and preservatives too. And because there is such a high concentration of waxes and oils, antioxidants are frequently added as well. Some lipstick wearers are far too aware that there are products out there that dry up the lips, which is why some products add moisturizers such as lanolin, PEG derivatives or silicone derivatives to keep the lips moist. 


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