Engaging Students

Below, faculty and students discuss engagement strategies that support learning and promote class participation.

Pre-engaging Students for Interactive Lectures

Listen to Prof. Diane Dechief from the McGill Writing Centre share how getting students to formulate questions in advance of lectures creates more interactive class discussions. 

Engaging Students using Case Studies

Listen to Prof. Jasmin Chahal from Microbiology & Immunology share how she captures student interest at the start of her lectures using case studies related to the course content.

Using Word Clouds to Address Difficult Concepts

Listen to FUSS co-president Sophie Luo discuss how interactive word clouds help students to engage during lectures.

Synthesizing Course Content with Concept Maps

Listen to Science Librarian April Colosimo share how concept maps can help students to visualize and articulate their understanding of course material.

Lecture Breaks to Re-engage Students 

Listen to FUSS co-president Asma Khamis discuss how incorporating short mid-lecture breaks help students to refocus their attention, stay engaged, and be more productive during class.

Engaging Students with a Bake-Off

Listen to Prof. Gary Brouhard from Biology discuss the baking project he is using to help students connect with the course material beyond lectures and readings. 

Engaging Students Outside of Lectures

Listen to Prof. Jasmin Chahal from Microbiology & Immunology share how she engages students through interactive, choose-your-own adventure homework assignments that are as fun as they are instructional.

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