Communicating with Students

Below, faculty discuss different strategies they are using to promote constructive student-instructor and student-student communication habits in their courses. The inspiration for this discussion came from Prof Richard Koestner and the Fall 2020 challenges that spurred him to rethink the communication norms in his course

Setting Communication Norms

Listen to Prof. Jessica Flake from Psychology share the communication system she uses in her large courses to manage high volumes of student questions.

Crafting Communications

Listen to Prof. Jessica Flake from Psychology talk about how she crafts communications with upbeat messages to reduce student stress and the positive effect this has had for her class.

Staying on Track with Weekly To-Do Lists

Listen to Prof. Diane Dechief from the McGill Writing Centre discuss helping students stay on top of class tasks by posting weekly to-do lists on myCourses. 

Technology and Communication

Listen to Profs. Danielle Vlaho from Chemistry and Armin Yazdani from Physiology discuss the tools they use in their courses to facilitate communication with their students.

Fostering Student Communication

Listen to Profs. Jessica Flake from Psychology, Armin Yazdani from Physiology, and Danielle Vlaho from Chemistry talk about their experiences with using discussion boards and FAQ documents to manage student-student and instructor-student communications. 

Communicating with TAs

Listen to Profs. Jessica Flake from Psychology and Danielle Vlaho from Chemistry share how they organize communications with their TAs to manage administrative and teaching conversations. 

Managing Requests for Assessment Regrades

Listen to Profs. Richard Koestner from Psychology and Danielle Vlaho from Chemistry discuss how they manage regrade requests by using specific communication channels and clear regrading guidelines. 

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