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Established in 2014, the FRezCa (First-year Residence Cafeteria) tutorial program provides U0 and U1 students with a collaborative learning environment, and a “one-stop shop” to engage with course teaching assistants, TEAM students, and course professors.

While no longer hosted in residence, FRezCa is alive and well for the 2021-2022 academic year and we are thrilled to be bringing Science students together as a learning community.

First Year Finals Fest!

RLife, FUSS, and FRezCa bring you this series of events for U0 & U1 students in Science courses!
During the week of April 4th, we’ll host an online workshop for exam success, an in-person study session, a raffle and giveaway, and more!

All U0 & U1 students are encouraged to attend FRezCa to:
• Work collaboratively and learn from each other.
• Study in shared space.
• Complete homework or assignments collaboratively (some courses have exclusive FRezCa practice problems).
• Ask for guidance from undergraduate TEAM mentors and graduate TAs.
• Make friends in their programs.

Learn more about Virtual FRezCA Access Virtual FRezCa 

Microsoft Teams LogoWinter 2022

Sessions hosted in Winter 2022 are virtual and hosted on Microsoft Teams.
To access the Microsoft Teams channel, first visit the FRezCa myCourses page.
*If you're having difficulties accessing the myCourses page, please email [at]

@McGillFRezCa    @McGill.FRezCa [at]

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