Tomlinson Engagement Award for Mentoring (TEAM)

In order to enhance the quality of education received by undergraduate students we want to improve the teaching resources for courses by arranging for peer-mentors.

These undergraduate students can help with discussion groups and/or assist with scantron viewings. In addition, other efforts could include question monitoring on the Course Discussion Boards and contributing questions for exam review as directed by their instructors.  Students should be talented individuals who have done well in a recent offering of the course.

If interested in this program, course instructors should identify one or more quality student(s) from a very recent offering of the class. These undergraduate students can attend an orientation session prior to the beginning of their semester of engagement. For their efforts, the peer mentors will receive a modest award ($300 for ~25 hours/semester for their activities, not taxed) and the designation of “Tomlinson Engagement Awardee for Mentoring” (TEAM).

A course can be at any level although it is not likely that small courses normally taken in the last year will have candidates for this position.  The guideline for selection to this programme is for the student to have been one of the best in the class in a previous version of the course (preferably delivered by the same instructor). TEAM awardees must also be a registered McGill student and remain registered throughout the semester in which they receive the award.

During this past year (2018-2019), nearly 722 TEAM awardees were allocated for over 162 courses.  The feedback from the instructors was excellent and to date, all instructors wish to have a renewal of this program.

Owing to limited funds, we might not be able to support all applications. Requests will be prioritized by the size of the class, as well as on a first-come, first-served basis. For very large classes, 4-6 and sometimes more TEAM awardees can be requested per course. However, for smaller course (~40-50 students) one TEAM member is the norm and perhaps 2-4 TEAM members for courses of ~100-200 students. Renewals are a reasonable expectation.

Please apply for any of the coming semesters for 2018-2019 (Fall/ Winter/Summer) with this application.

The application form is

PDF icon 2018-19_application_form.pdf

Each instructor or team of instructors will be responsible for the selection of the students, for definition of the TEAM member’s responsibilities and to sign off at the end of the term verifying that the Awardee performed their tasks as requested.  Students will be given their Award by a transfer to their bank account upon receipt of the instructor’s approval at the end of the course.  Please ask students to be prepared. 

Please note that application forms must be sent in by the instructors and not by students.

Please contact us with any questions about this new program. Our offices are in the Otto Maass Chemistry Building - phone Ms. Faygie Covens (7026) or Professor David Harpp (6685) or email [faygie.covens [at]  and david.harpp [at]].