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T-PULSE was established in July 2002 as part of a significant endowment to McGill from Canadian scientist and businessman Richard H. Tomlinson to support the development of more effective teaching methods for university level science students and the dissemination of these techniques to the professoriate.



T-Pulse is involved in several collaborations to enhance aspects of science teaching and learning in the Faculty of Science and within the University. The first part of our program involves the work of 7-8 graduate students (T-Pulse Fellows). In addition to carrying out research in science teaching, they deliver several workshops during the year to enhance the teaching techniques of other graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (~200 per year) at McGill. These programs are outlined on the Science Graduate Teaching Fellows page.

More recently (2013 - present), we have established the TEAM (Tomlinson Engagement Award for Mentoring) programme which provides, at the instructor’s choice, a group of the best students from the previous version of the same course to assist the students in the next iteration of that course (peer – instruction). To date, (2018) over 1,500 TEAMsters have been involved at an increasing number over these years. The T-Pulse fellows also deliver workshops to newly engaged TEAM members. For more information on this initiative please see the Tomlinson Engagement Award for Mentoring (TEAM) page.

TEACH, (Tomlinson Education Award for CHange) is the newest initiative to further expand the participation of undergraduate students in STEM teaching. Chosen in the same way as TEAM, TEACH awardees can assist course instructors in the evaluation, development of strategies and/or material to enhance course/curriculum delivery or assessment. This program is outlined on the Tomlinson Education Award for CHange (TEACH) page.


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For additional background information on Dr. Tomlinson and his generous gift, please click here.


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