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Mac Graduate Teaching Seminar

Would you like to improve your TAing skills, use your time more efficiently, and learn how to be more effective in front of a class? Be a better TA now and a better teacher in the future? Here’s your chance!

Craig E. Nelson

How you can have brighter and harder-working students: Applying the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Science and Math

a seminar by

Professor Craig E. Nelson

Craig E. Nelson

Science Graduate Teaching Fellows


The Teaching Fellows are a dynamic group of science graduate students interested in teaching and science education. The Fellows teach a 2 day teaching skills workshop for graduate students in the Faculty of Science.

Workshops are offered twice a year, and in the interest of building a sustainable program, priority will be given to candidates willing to make a commitment for a period of more than one academic year.

T-Pulse, Faculty of Science


T-PULSE was established in July 2002 as part of a significant endowment to McGill from Canadian scientist and businessman Richard H. Tomlinson to support the development of more effective teaching methods for university level science students and the dissemination of these techniques to the professoriate.