Established in 2014, FRezCa is a program that provides a collaborative learning environment, and a “one-stop shop” to engage with course TAs, undergraduate peer mentors and even course professors. FRezCa is alive and well for the upcoming Fall 2020 term and we're looking forward to bringing science students together as a learning community.

Virtual FRezCa- Fall 2020 

FRezCa runs Monday to Friday.

U0 courses (BIOL 111, CHEM 110, MATH 133/140/141, PHYS 101/131).

U1 courses (BIOL 200, CHEM 212/222).

To learn about Virtual FRezCa - check out our Introduction to Virtual FRezCa video or go to the FRezCa myCourses page.

More about FRezCa

The FRezCa (First-year Residence Cafeteria) tutorial program was established in 2014 to address typical “large classroom” issues faced by incoming STEM students. FRezCa aims to be a “learning community” by creating a supportive environment that can help address the challenges faced by incoming university students, including the often isolating experience of large, auditorium-style lecture classes. In freshman-level Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics (Calculus and Algebra), and Biology, professors are tasked with conveying a broad base of subject material within a relatively short period of time to students with diverse disciplinary interests and varying levels of preparation.

Time organization!

  • Try not to fall behind on the course material
  • Attend FRezCa throughout the semester whenever problems arise (not just right before the midterm or final exam!)

Work with other students

  • While waiting for help, help or seek help from other students
  • Work in teams to solve problems if you’re all stuck on the same question

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What to expect from FRezCa

  • A place to find resources from other students, TEAM mentors, TAs and professors
  • FRezCa varies depending on the course!
    • Ultimately, each course instructor chooses how they wish to use FRezCa
    • Some courses will have TAs/TEAM mentors to help with homework, assignments, course material
    • Some courses might have additional practice problems for students

What’s with the name FRezCa?

FRezCa (First-year Residence Cafeteria) tutorials initially started as an initiative in Residences. Due to its success and also its growing needs, FRezCa moved around, trying a few larger locations to accommodate more students. After some experimentation, FRezCa is happy to be back home in the RVC Cafeteria for the current academic year (2019-2020).

Future goals

FRezCa is currently working on finding a more permanent, consistent, available space in order to make the service accessible to the largest possible number of students. Other long-term goals for FRezCa include securing funding to support a greater number of TAs and TEAM mentors, especially as we expand into larger spaces. We welcome any ideas and suggestions on how we can better manage FRezCa given the current constraints! Simply write a message to our Facebook page.

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