Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award      Ribbon with text Oncology's Finest

2023: Richard L. Cruess
2022: Abraham Fuks
2021: Brian Leyland-Jones
2020: Vera Hirsh
2019: Antoine Loutfi
2018: Lawrence Panasci
2017: Philip Gordon
2016: Not offered
2015: Nicole Beauchemin, Martin Black
2014: Philip Branton, Michael Thirlwell
2013: Henry Shibata, Neil MacDonald
2012: Phil Gold, Ervin Podgorsak
2011: Balfour Mount, Carolyn Freeman, Richard Margolese 

Clinical Service and Innovation Award

2023: Tarek Hijal
2022: Sarkis Meterissian
2021: Manuel Borod

Research Award

2023: Josie Ursini-Siegel
2022: Luke McCaffrey
2021: Lucy Gilbert

Research or Clinical Service Award

Starting in 2021, the Research or Clinical Service Award was split into two separate awards: Research; Clinical Service and Innovation
2020: Peter Siegel
2019: Jan Seuntjens
2018: Carolyn Freeman
2017: Antoine Loutfi
2016: Not offered
2015: Jerry Pelletier
2014: Jamil Asselah
2013: Luis Souhami
2012: Gerald Batist
2011: Henry Shibata

Teaching & Mentorship Award

2023: Valerie Panet-Raymond
2022: Zeev Rosberger
2021: Cristiano Ferrario
2020: Koren Mann
2019: Tamim Niazi
2018: Scott Owen
2017: Joanne Alfieri
2016: Not offered
2015: Ari Meguerditchian
2014: Carmen Loiselle
2013: Lawrence Panasci
2012: Robin Cohen
2011: George Shenouda

Academic, Clinical or Research Support Award

2023: Veronica Atehortua
2022: Stephanie Larocque
2021: Tatjana Nisic
2020: Majid Ghahremani
2019: Jacqueline Vachon
2018: Lina Maglieri
2017: Penny Chipman
2016: Not offered
2015: Maria Fossetti
2014: Marianna Perna
2013: Annie Rompré
2012: Naomi Scobie
2011: Not offered in 2011

In celebration of its 30th anniversary in 2020, the Department of Oncology partnered with the Canada-Pakistan Affiliated Chamber of Trade (CPACT) and South Asian Women Association of Canada (SAWAC) to honour the following Female Champions of Cancer Education, Research, and Care:

Nicole Beauchemin - For her enduring legacy as scientist, mentor and teacher of the fundamentals of cancer research.
Carolyn Freeman - For her decades-long, vigorous leadership in improving the quality of cancer care in Quebec.
Anna Towers - For her international leadership developing lymphedema treatment services for cancer patients.

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