Hiring Steps

On this page you can find information on Posting a Job, Interviewing and Onboarding

Posting a Jobnotebook

Here are some guidelines to consider when posting a job:

  • Provide an accurate and detailed description of functions, responsibilities, hours, duration, etc.
    • Verify this description with your HR Advisor, if required
  • Include required qualifications
  • Describe the applications process
  • Provide contact information

Posting Options:

  • MyFuture - career management platform for student employment opportunities.
  • Work Study - providing a subsidy incentive for on-campus employers to prioritize hiring students in financial need
  • Your unit webpage


IMPORTANT: Respect the posting and hiring process indicated in the collective agreement, if it's a unionized position. This helps ensure consistency and pay equity across employment groups.

For example, when posting an AMUSE position, you must use the corresponding generic job profile, title, and pay scale, which can be accessed here. Please note, descriptions should be supplemented with as much detail as possible to help students appreciate the skills and experience they will both contribute and gain from the role.


Prior to the interview:

  • Ensure you have a copy of the candidates CV
  • Provide a copy of the job description to your candidate

During the interview:

  • Do not ask questions related to "protected categories" such as age, religion, nationality, marital status, etc.
  • Do ask open-ended questions related to job functions and responsibilities (e.g., behavioural and scenario questions).
    • "What experience do you have with ____?"
    • "What attracted you to this job?"
    • "Tell me about a time when you encountered a challenge. What did you do?"
    • "What project or activity would you consider your greatest accomplishment?"
  • Allow for silence: the applicant should do most of the talking


Following a successful interview, conduct a reference check, if you think the job warrants it.


Reviewing the Supervisor's Onboarding Checklist will help you ensure that important items do not fall between the cracks and make the onboarding experience that our student employees receive more consistent.

First Week - Orient and Train

Refer your new hire to the Student section of All Aboard for resources such as:

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