Career Skills Training

Employers want to hire people who are career-ready because they transition more successfully into the workplace. Career experts have identified 8 career skills that will make you more competitive in the job market.

Watch these videos to learn the basics - knowing what they are is the first step to convincing employers that you have them.

Career Skills

What skills are employers looking for in a resume or an interview? Do you know the 8 skills you need to be career-ready? We’ll be spotlighting them one by one, helping you articulate them to future employers.


Professionalism is essential to employers because it assures them you'll react appropriately and make sound decisions when facing challenges. Understanding how to combine the Triple-A will help you prove you're a professional with good judgment.

Written Communication

Following the WHAT guidelines on necessary details and context and the HOW's around Tone, Clarity, and Organization will improve your written communication - a skill you need to succeed no matter what you do.

Oral Communication

Effective oral communication starts with speaking on-topic, with context-appropriate energy, and honesty. Equally crucial to the way you speak, if not more, is your ability to listen through your body language, eye contact, and asking questions.


Strong collaborators are team players who acknowledge others' efforts, keep a positive outlook, and navigate disagreements by respecting their teammates' ideas. They use cc-power to create transparency and always keep the big-picture in mind by balancing their work with their working relationships.

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