Meet the Ombudsperson


Prof. Christopher Moraes began a one-year appointment as the Ombudsperson for Students, as of November 1st, 2023

AS THE OMBUDSPERSON for Students, Prof. Moraes provides an independent, impartial and confidential service through which students may seek an equitable and informal resolution of any University-related concern. The Ombudsperson for Students, where appropriate, may also review University policies, guidelines and procedures affecting students, make recommendations for change, and promote discussion of University-wide student related concerns.

Professor Moraes joined the Faculty of Engineering in 2014 and is currently an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Chemical Engineering; with cross-appointments in Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, and the Goodman Cancer Institute.  His research interests are highly interdisciplinary, and he has been awarded the McGill Principal’s Prizes for both Outstanding Emerging Researcher, and for Excellence in Teaching. Working closely with McGill students from across Faculties has been a personal highlight in his career to date.

Professor Moraes is quite passionate about building bridges within our community, and believes that having a neutral Ombuds office is critical in achieving this. He looks forward to working together to build and grow a fair, trusting, and highly collegial environment at McGill; and to learning about and understanding the challenges that all members of our community face. 

E-mail: ombudsperson [at]



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