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Antonacci, Rosetta

Ingram School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University

RN, BScN, MScAdm

Short Bio: Rosetta Antonacci began her career as a nurse in 1987 at St Mary's hospital. Her experience began in cancer care and she moved onto the emergency department for 15 years of her career. She then moved on to be the Nurse Manager of the Clinical Teaching Unit, Cardiac , Medicine 5 south at St Mary's Hospital where she led effected many significant changes and developed a strong team of professionals. In 2008 she began teaching at the Ingram School of Nursing , while still maintaining her full time position as a nurse manager. She left the unit in 2017 to come to the Ingram School of Nursing as a faculty lecturer. full time. She still holds a position in the Department of Academic and University affairs at the CIUSSODIM. Her passion for the nursing profession guides her teaching, and her students are benefiting from her vast clinical experience. She also shares her experience in the department of nutrition and collaborates with the teams there and the teams in the anatomy department.

rosetta.antonacci [at] (Email)

Lands, Larry

Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics

larry.lands [at] (Email)

Morais, José

MD - Faculty of Medicine, Department of Geriatrics

Short Bio: Dr. Morais is Associate Professor of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal Canada. He holds a MD degree from the University of Montreal (1987) and completed a specialty in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at McGill University, Canada. After a research fellowship he became in 1996, an independent clinician-investigator based at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) – Crabtree Nutrition Laboratory, Montreal, Canada. He is Director of the Division of Geriatric Medicine at McGill University and Past President of the Canadian Geriatrics Society. His research interest relates to the assessment of protein metabolism and cellular regulation at whole-body and muscle levels and of protein requirements with age, frailty and diabetes using stable isotopes methodology.

jose.morais [at] (Email)

Schricker, Thomas

MD, FRCP(C) - Associate Professor, Anesthetist-in-Chief, Royal Victoria Hospital - MUHC. B.Sc. (Albrecht-Altdorfer Gymnasium), M.Sc. (Erlangen-Nurnberg University, Ph.d. (Ulm University).

Short bio: Dr. Schricker is the Wesley Bourne Professor and Chair of the Faculty of Medicine’s Department of Anesthesia. He also holds the position of Anesthesiologist-in-Chief at the Montreal University Health Center (MUHC). Dr. Schricker earned his MD and PhD at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany), followed by a Research Fellowship at Harvard Medical School and a residency in Anesthesia at the University Hospital Ulm (Germany). He has published over 230 scientific papers, review articles and book chapters.

Research interests: Metabolic and endocrine response to surgical stress and how this response can be modified by anaesthetic techniques and nutrition.

thomas.schricker [at] (Email)

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