Faculty Research Interests

At the Ingram School of Nursing, students have a unique opportunity to learn from experts undertaking cutting-edge research. Our faculty researchers are currently involved in some of the following areas of interest. Please click on the link below this table to consult their detailed areas of interest, organized alphabetically by faculty researcher name.

Health care administration:

Technologies in health care:


Perinatal and maternal health:

Child health:

Women’s health:


Dr. Céline Gélinas


Dr. Sylvie Lambert
Dr. Carmen Loiselle
Dr. Christine Maheu
Dr. Argerie Tsimicalis

Global health:

Dr. John D. Pringle

Detailed areas of interest by faculty researcher name

Dr. Antonia Arnaert

Telehealth technologies and whole person care

Dr. Franco Carnevale

Pediatric ethics; the experience of critically ill children and their families; childhood disability; qualitative methodology

Dr. Nancy Feeley

Neonatal intensive care; parent-infant interaction; perinatal women’s mental health

Dr. Anita Gagnon

Migration; women’s health; maternal-child health; public health

Dr. Céline Gélinas

Critical care nursing; pain assessment and measurement; pain management; qualitative methodology; palliative care

Dr. Laurie Gottlieb

Development of Strengths-Based Nursing as an approach to practice, leadership/management, and education

Dr. Sylvie Lambert

Impact of cancer on patients and their family caregivers; psychometric analysis using Rasch analysis; mixed research methodology (quantitative and qualitative)

Dr. Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay

Health promotion; administration/management of nursing services; knowledge translation; action research; health care leadership/ health care policy

Dr. Carmen Loiselle

Psychosocial oncology and cancer care; young and middle-aged adults; mixed methodology; transitions in care; international health

Dr. Christine Maheu

Psychosocial oncology and cancer care; survivorship care, cancer and work, fear of cancer recurrence.

Dr. John D. Pringle

Global health, humanitarian ethics, and research ethics

Dr. Margaret Purden

Interprofessional education; interprofessional practice; cardiovascular care; qualitative methodology; quantitative methodology

Dr. Sonia Semenic

Breastfeeding; implementation of evidence-informed practice in perinatal health; cultural diversities in perinatal health behaviours

Dr. Argerie Tsimicalis

Cancer care/oncology; infants/children; vulnerable/at risk populations; transitions in care; informatics/technologies in health care

Dr. Andraea Van Hulst

Childhood obesity, environments in relation to obesity and associated health behaviours; risk factors among youth with type-1 diabetes