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Executive Education for Nurses

Introducing a new leadership course for a new era in healthcare - May 8-26, 2023. As the post-pandemic resignation continues to destabilize our healthcare network, it is abundantly clear that change is needed. Revitalizing healthcare requires the integration of nurses into the highest levels of decision-making. This 3-module on-line course is designed for experienced directors, managers, nurse practitioners, and other nurses who aspire to decision-making positions in healthcare as well as master's students in the Nursing Services Administration Concentration. Learn how you can take your seat at the highest tables!

PDF icon Executive Education for Nurses

PDF icon Formation en administration de la santé pour infirmières et infirmiers cadres

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Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider Training

The CNE Office offers Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider Training (by the Heart & Stroke Foundation).

Basic Life Support (BLS) is the foundation for saving lives after cardiac arrest. It is designed for healthcare providers and trained first responders who provide care to patients in a wide variety of settings, and teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in pre-hospital and in-facility settings.

N.B. This course is not being offered at the present time.

Strengths-Based Nursing in Clinical Teaching

This accredited online course was developed with nurse preceptors in mind. Whether you are a seasoned preceptor, or are considering taking a student under your wing for the first time, this 5-part course will introduce you to the basic concepts of Strengths-Based Nursing, as it is taught at the Ingram School of Nursing.

Once registered, you will have access to the course for 1 year.

Les soins infirmiers fondés sur les forces dans l'enseignement clinique

Ce cours en ligne s'adresse à ceux qui veulent adopter l'approche des soins infirmiers fondés sur les forces dans leur méthode d'enseignement et d'apprentissage clinique. Ce cours a été conçu spécifiquement pour les infirmières préceptrices mais peut être utile pour tous ceux qui travaillent avec des étudiants en sciences infirmière dans le milieu clinique.

Une fois que vous serez inscrit, vous aurez accès à ce cours pour une période d'un an.

Essentials for Infection Prevention and Control Consultants

This course was built exclusively for new Infection Prevention and Control practitioners from the following sites:

  • MUHC


N.B. Enrolment to this course is restricted to a select list of participants.

How to register

Continuing Nursing Education courses are housed in the McGill myCourses LMS and can be accessed via the Store.

Step One: Choose a course from the Store Catalog. You will be re-directed to the course descrition page. 

Step Two: If this is the course for you, click on the "ENROLL" icon at the bottom of the page.This will re-direct you to the registration page. 

Step Three: If you are new to McGill and have never accessed myCourses before, proceed to "Create an account" - follow the steps and make sure you remember your password. If you already have a McGill account (you studied at McGill, or have accessed other courses on the myCourses learning platform) you can "Log in." If you have problems logging in with your McGill account, you may have to reset your password.  

Note regarding access from clinical sites: You may have difficulties accessing the myCourses platform due to added internet security at your institution (i.e., firewall). In this case, please try to access the course from your home. If you still have problems connecting to the course, please send a detailed email to the cne.nursing [at] (CNE Office). Your request for assistance may have to be escalated to IT Support.


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