Readmission deadline for B.A.&Sc. and Science for the Fall 2022 term.


Deadline to apply for readmission in B.A.&Sc. and Science for the Fall 2022 term./importantdatesCategory: Important dates for students

CANADA DAY Holiday...


CANADA DAY Holiday. Classes cancelled. Administrative offices closed. Libraries closed./importantdatesCategory: Important dates for students

McGill announces C$6 million chair in architecture to develop turn-key solutions for mass building climate retrofits

Published: 24May2022

As the impact of climate change intensifies and accelerates, there is growing urgency to radically transform areas that can be substantially decarbonized. Buildings are among the largest emitters...

University deadline for receiving graduate applications to be admitted for the Fall 2022 term…


University deadline for receiving graduate applications to be admitted for the Fall 2022 term. Note:  Each McGill graduate department sets its own application deadlines and requirements. These may...

June fee payment deadline...


June fee payment deadline. For more information, visit the website http://www.mcgill.ca/student-accounts/your-account/deadlines-and-penalties/./importantdatesCategory: Important dates for students

Music to our ears: Gift to McGill and UdeM creates hub for collaborative piano in Montreal

Published: 19May2022

After two years of health restrictions that have often left concert halls empty and musicians struggling, a generous donation from the Azrieli Foundation is helping to breathe new life into the...

Concussion symptoms in children may have multiple underlying causes

Published: 17May2022

Different types of brain damage caused by a concussion may lead to similar symptoms in children, according to research led by McGill University. A new way of studying concussions could help develop...

Summer 2022 holiday for 2nd year Medicine students.


Holiday for 2nd year Medicine students./importantdatesCategory: Important dates for students

2022-2023 Registration period for all newly-admitted undergraduate students in...


Registration period for Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 using Minerva for all newly-admitted undergraduate students, whose highest level of education prior to registering at McGill is high school, who...


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