Artificial intelligence in the barn

Published: 2 April 2024

Imagine cows roaming freely in a barn equipped with cameras and sensors linked to artificial intelligence in a system that predicts their mood and lifespan. Implementing such a system is the...

The advantages of regenerative agriculture in the prairies

Published: 2 April 2024

McGill Farm Management and Technology Program Director Pascal Thériault spoke to Radio-Canada's Le Café Show about what regenerative agriculture is, how it can improve water retention in the soil...

From chocolate to home insurance, climate change is making life more expensive

Published: 2 April 2024

Rising costs of cocoa due to drought and disease affecting crop yields is proof of how global warming is hitting our pocketbooks, agronomist and economist Pascal Thériault, McGill Farm Management...

Food Security Summit fosters collaboration between student food advocacy groups

Published: 25 March 2024

Representatives from student groups across campus and beyond gathered in the University Centre for a Food Security Summit on March 15 to discuss ways to improve the sustainability, accessibility,...

Shrinkflation in house brands

Published: 21 March 2024

Large retailers are reducing their formats to cut production costs in a period of high food inflation....

Eclipse events abound at McGill

Published: 21 March 2024

McGill will be hosting three solar eclipse events on April 8, one downtown, one at Macdonald campus, and another at the Gault Nature Reserve....

Campus garden initiatives can help grow the next generation of environmental change-makers

Published: 15 March 2024

No longer a problem of the future, the climate crisis is now driving devastating real-world impacts here in Canada and worldwide.

Less polluting burps

Published: 15 March 2024

With its burps and farts, a dairy cow emits as much methane every year as a car driven 20,000 kilometers. Ottawa has just authorized the marketing of a feed additive that could transform the fight...


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