A flood of ideas from McGill’s Brace Water Centre

Published: 25 October 2023

Located on Macdonald Campus, many would mistake the Brace Water Centre's unassuming office for a private residence. Yet looks can be deceiving – for not only does the Centre boast an extraordinary...

McGill establishes research chair to address climate change in the North

Published: 18 October 2023

As Canadians experience a year of record-breaking wildfires, floods, and extreme heat, experts are warning that these conditions will persist and likely intensify over the coming decades as we...

You are what you eat—and for orcas, that’s bad news

Published: 11 October 2023

Researchers have known for decades that orcas across the North Pacific have harmful pollutants in their system.

Where do new apple varieties come from?

Published: 11 October 2023

The apple is constantly being reinvented, changing with the times and cultures. The Malus domestica species comes in some 7,500 varieties....

From AI to robot butchers, automating the meat packing industry is not cut-and-dried

Published: 11 October 2023

Artificial intelligence, automation and robotics are reshaping many parts of the economy, and experts say the meat-processing sector could benefit from improved technology to overcome labour...

Social environments are important determinants of nutritional risk among older-aged adults

Published: 4 October 2023

According to a new study published in The Journal of Nutrition by a team including Associate Professor Daiva Nielsen and other researchers from McGill's School of Human Nutrition, a supportive...

AAFC Agri-Science Program announces $5.3M to BioFuelNet

Published: 4 October 2023

On August 30, Vice-Principal of Macdonald Campus and Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Anja Geitmann welcomed Member of Parliament for Lac-Saint-Louis Francis...

Achieving alternate futures in the Anthropocene

Published: 4 October 2023

A recent article, written by a team which includes Professor Elena Bennett in McGill’s Department of Natural Resource Sciences, explores the challenges of the Anthropocene, a new geological epoch...

Your 2023 guide to chasing fall foliage across Quebec

Published: 2 October 2023

Across Quebec, we're already seeing leaves start to transition from bright summery greens to the burnished, coppery hues of Fall—but the changes aren’t happening because the days are chillier. As...


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