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Leon’s is reinventing itself for generation Instagram

“A brand is a function of what it offers. If you slowly modernize your products, it will slowly modernize the brand.” Saurabh Mishra, associate professor of marketing Canadian Business

Publié: 29 Apr 2016

Let citizens decide electoral reform

Op-ed by Arash Abizadeh, associate professor of political science. The Globe and Mail

Publié: 28 Apr 2016

Breakthrough in cure for brain tumour

Researchers in Canada have found that a gene called 'OSMR' plays a key role in driving the growth of glioblastoma tumours. The more active the gene is, the shorter the patient's life span, the study suggests. Doctor Arezu Jahani-Asl, assistant professor of medicine at McGill University and a neuroscientist at the Jewish General Hospital's Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research in Ca...

Publié: 28 Apr 2016

McGill business students helping Syrian refugees

“It is a meaningful experience for the students. It challenges their ideas about the world.” Anita Nowak, Senior Project Manager, Desautels Faculty of Management Montreal Gazette

Publié: 27 Apr 2016

Un montréalais au secours des parisiens

Un expert québécois soignera les plaies des centaines de victimes des attentats de Paris aux prises avec un syndrome de stress post-traumatique. La méthode du Montréalais Alain Brunet, spécialiste en traumatismes, sera utilisée dans 14 hôpitaux parisiens auprès de plus de 400 patients. La Presse

Publié: 27 Apr 2016

Future doctor finds purpose in her art

Anita Raj is a third-year medical student at McGill University. She is still folding origami, but it has become less a hobby and more an art form.  “There is an art to everything – from choosing the paper to shaping the final fold.” Montreal Gazette 

Publié: 25 Apr 2016

La fée des étoiles

« Nous formons des étudiants passionnés qui apprennent à penser avec un esprit critique et, en même temps, dans le respect et la collaboration, tout en se basant sur des preuves. Je crois que si nos politiciens avaient ce type de formation, le monde irait mieux. » Victoria Kaspi, directrice de l’Institut spatial. Gazette des Femmes

Publié: 22 Apr 2016

Power of positive thinking skews mindfulness studies

Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, analysed 124 published trials of mindfulness as a mental-health treatment, and found that scientists reported positive findings 60% more often than is statistically likely. Scientific American

Publié: 22 Apr 2016

Canada needs to rethink energy

Op-ed cosigned by Catherine Potvin, Professor of Biology. The Toronto Star

Publié: 22 Apr 2016

L’importance du microbiote

« On est encore à l’étape des associations entre certaines maladies et certaines caractéristiques du microbiote. Dans bien des cas, la relation de cause à effet reste à prouver. » Joaquin Madrenas, Professeur,  Département de Microbiologie et Immunologie. Châtelaine

Publié: 20 Apr 2016

Kaspi finds motivation in the mysteries of the universe

“I know I was meant to do science and if you feel that way, too, then just plow through the cultural biases and express your creativity and scientific ambition.” Victoria Kaspi, Director of the McGill Space Institute. The New York Times

Publié: 20 Apr 2016

Inspiring others to get involved in philanthropy

“When you bring people together for a cause, you can do anything.” Olivia Monton, founder of Live for the Cause and completing her second bachelor’s degree in agricultural and environmental sciences. Montreal Gazette

Publié: 20 Apr 2016

Microbilles dans le Saint-Laurent: une infestation

Des chercheurs canadiens ont trouvé des microbilles dans les eaux des Grands Lacs et du Saint-Laurent. « Puisque les microbilles flottent, on a longtemps cru qu'elles étaient convoyées par les rivières et les fleuves jusqu'à l'océan....

Publié: 18 Apr 2016

Wanted: Plain talk from the lab

At McGill University, insect scientist Chris Buddle submitted one study to a journal in “more of a casual, non-jargony language, (trying) to write it in a way that’s a bit more engaging, and not the typical dry scientific writing.” All but a few sentences were rejected, he says....

Publié: 18 Apr 2016

Health solutions for Attawapiskat must be long-term

Laurence Kirmayer, founder and director of the Network for Aboriginal Mental Health Research at McGill University in Montreal, says crisis counselling and other supportive interventions are critical for stopping this so-called “suicide contagion.” The Globe and Mail

Publié: 18 Apr 2016