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CBC NEWS | Young drivers who use cannabis at higher risk of collisions for at least 5 hours, McGill finds

Young people who use cannabis and drive are at greater risk of being involved in a vehicular collision even if five hours have elapsed since inhaling it, according to a McGill University study published Monday.

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Published: 16 Oct 2018

BLOOMBERG | As Cannabis D-Day Approaches, Winners and Losers Set to Emerge

Medical research: Examining the therapeutic impact of cannabidiol on chronic pain, anxiety and depression in collaboration with Montreal’s McGill University; working with the Canadian Football League Alumni Association to study the benefits of medical cannabis in treating chronic painRead more

Published: 15 Oct 2018

GLOBE AND MAIL | Statistics Canada promises more detailed portrait of Canadians with fewer surveys

For instance, Statscan is working with McGill University and some municipalities to test wastewater samples for evidence of THC, the substance in cannabis that produces a high. Such testing could later extend to opioids. Participating municipalities in the pilot testing include Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver.

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Published: 12 Oct 2018

SMITHSONIAN | This “Useless” Organ Determines Which Ants Grow Into Large Soldiers

“The really important point about this work is that rudimentary organs and vestigial structures, which were long believed to have no function, might actually have major signaling roles during development,” says evolutionary developmental biologist Ehab Abouheif of McGill University, the senior author of the new study. 

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Published: 11 Oct 2018

THE GLOBE AND MAIL | To avoid catastrophic climate change, we need carbon pricing

“The Nobel Prize and the IPCC report are just two more data points in a sea of evidence. Climate change is real, climate change is a problem and climate change deserves a serious policy response. There will be disagreements over how we move forward, but we need to tell the truth. We need to hold each other to account.”

Op-ed co-authored by Chris Ragan, associate professor of economics at McGill University, director of the Max Bell School of Public Policy. 

Published: 10 Oct 2018

CTV NEWS | Montreal researchers given $2M grant to help cure rare kidney disease

Montreal researchers have been given a $2-million grant to fight a rare kidney disease. Based out of McGill University Health Centre, the team is working to cure Cystinosis, a rare kidney disease which causes cystine, an amino acid, to accumulate in several organs. Read more

Published: 9 Oct 2018

THE WASHINGTON POST | In Quebec’s election, voters showed more interest in moving right than separating from Canada

“This is the worst outcome for the Parti Quebecois since its creation in 1968,” said Graham Fraser, a visiting professor at McGill University’s Institute for the Study of Canada and author of a party history.Read more

Published: 3 Oct 2018

FINANCIAL POST | Canada ‘caved’ on intellectual property issues: critics of trade deal

“We don’t have pharma companies, basically, so this is a pure payment to people who invent it before,” said Richard Gold, a McGill University law professor and founding Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy.

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Published: 2 Oct 2018

HILL TIMES | Strategic research investments vital to building workforce of the future

Now is the time for Canada to be bold and ambitious, to showcase our creativity and secure our competitive advantage through research.

Op-ed co-authored by Martha Crago, the vice-principal of research and innovation at McGill University. 

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Published: 2 Oct 2018

CTV NEWS| U Sports announces new transgender policy for university athletics in Canada

"The members of the equity committee were driven to ensure that all students at our Canadian universities have equal opportunities of being selected to varsity teams regardless of their gender or their gender identity and expression," said Lisen Moore, chair of the U Sports equity committee and manager of varsity sports, athletics and recreation at McGill University.

Published: 28 Sep 2018

CTV NEWS | 'Jackhammer' wire helps crack open blocked coronary arteries: researchers

Doctors at the McGill University Health Centre are testing the SoundBite Active Wire in a small group of patients who have "chronic total occlusion" of one of their coronary arteries, which severely restricts blood flow to the heart.

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Published: 27 Sep 2018

FORBES | News From The UN's High-Level Meeting On Tuberculosis

Some interesting reports are being released to coincide with the UN's High-Level Meeting now on TB. One is a study from Dr. Madhukar Pai’s group at McGill University, where he is Director of the International TB Centre. Read more

Published: 26 Sep 2018

FINANCIAL POST | Canada, U.S. in NAFTA 'stalemate' over American demands to boost protection for brand-name drugs: industry

“Going up to 10 years of protection for biologics represents a cost to Canadians without any countering benefit,” said Richard Gold, a McGill University law professor. “Canada may have no choice in the current trade climate, but there should be no mistake that to accede to U.S. requests comes at a cost.”

Published: 25 Sep 2018

CBC NEWS | Royal Canadian Mint celebrates fancy dancers with new coin

The 2 oz. pure silver coin was unveiled Friday at McGill University's First Peoples' House annual powwow in Montreal.

"What better place to honour and unveil a coin celebrating this powerful and captivating expression of dance than an actual powwow where some of the people who come to the coin unveiling can see these dances live?" said Alison Crawford, senior manager of public affairs at the Royal Canadian Mint.

Published: 24 Sep 2018

CBC NEWS | Consumer attitudes to 'best before' dates contribute to food waste

"There's a lot confusion about best-before dates," said Lawrence Goodwin, McGill University's Ian and Jayne Munro Chair in Food Safety, in an interview on CBC Montreal's Daybreak. 

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Published: 21 Sep 2018