Why are 7 Million Canadians at greater risk of chronic disease?


Published: 23Nov2016

There is a growing body of evidence linking dental diseases to general health conditions, such as diabetes and pneumonia, and the barriers facing the estimated seven million Canadians who are unable to access dental care.

Paul Allison, Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University

“We need to start thinking differently about the delivery of dental care, particularly for the most vulnerable members of our society. We need to better train dental students and dentists to work with these groups. We need to create new models of dental care delivery, including mobile dental care, “tele-dentistry” and setting up dental offices in community health-care centres, pharmacies and other sites where these vulnerable groups go for other health and social services. We need to bring dentists into the public system, working with family physicians, pediatricians, geriatricians and others.”—Paul Allison

Paul Allison is dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at McGill University and president of the Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry. He wrote an op-ed published in The Montreal Gazette today. He will be speaking on this topic, along with a panel of experts tomorrow evening.

paul.allison [at] mcgill.ca (English, French)

When: Thursday, Nov. 24 at 6:15 p.m.
Where: Omni Hotel, 1050 Sherbrooke St. W.

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