Toronto Sun - Crime and the law conference


(Columnist Joe Warmington) "…It’s not easy when you are writing material contrary to the wishes of the powerful people who hold power. Needless to say this was a hot topic at the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada’s Crime and the Law conference: The Future of Justice in Canada.

The raiding of a journalist’s home came up in a panel of crime writers and reporters moderated by journalist and CJAD radio commentator Anne Lagacé Dowson. Yves Boisvert of La Presse, Marie-Maude Denis of Radio-Canada, Betsy Powell of the Toronto Star and author and investigative journalist Julian Sher all talked of complicated line reporters who cover crime and victims have to straddle between police and who they investigate.

This McGill conference has been an amazing eye-opener and I congratulate them for holding it. Something on a similar scale for Toronto would be a terrific idea…"