Sun newspapers - A kindness virus: How social media is increasing social good


The birds do it. The bees do it. And now it seems we're doing it, too. It's called swarming (and you should tell your kids all about it): Working together and acting cooperatively without strong leadership, while consistently making decisions that result in the best possible outcome for society. And social media swarming is resulting in social good. We are so overwhelmed with bad news that we crave and cling to any hope of good. It's no wonder BuzzFeed's "21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity" recently went viral.

Where does all this good come from? Richard Janda, a professor at the Faculty of Law of McGill University and co-author of a recent book on corporate social responsibility, says, "The Internet helps us to gauge or measure our reactions relative to those of others. It does this by allowing us to see and count how many others are swarming to what I like. "We need to know that others are doing so as well, so that my willingness to give gains collective significance."