Rising food prices


Published: 28Feb2011

These McGill experts are available to comment on rising food prices:

John Henning

Program Director for Agricultural Economics

Associate Professor and Director of Ecological Agriculture Projects

Expertise: Grain marketing and international trade; agricultural and food policy; economic aspects of ecological/organic/urban farming and food systems; organic standards and regulation.

Tel.: 514-398-7826 (NO Voice Mail = send an email/text)

email: john.henning [at] mcgill.ca

available to be interviewed in English only


Pascal Thériault

Faculty Lecturer, Farm Management and Technology Program

Expertise: agricultural economics

Tel.: 514-398-7816

Email: pascal.theriault [at] mcgill.ca

Available to be interviewed in English and French


Donald L. Smith

James McGill Professor, Department of Plant Science

Expertise: physiological responses of crops and plants to increasing atmospheric CO2 levels and to climate change.

Tel.: 514-398-7866

Email: donald.smith [at] mcgill.ca

available to be interviewed in English only