NATIONAL POST | Beyoncé's 22-day, 100 per cent plant-based diet 'embraces food myths' and promotes crash dieting, experts say


Published: 30Jul2019

Last week, the pop diva posted a YouTube video, “22 Days Nutrition,” promoting a diet plan created by her trainer and “exercise physiologist” Marco Borges. (The singer doubled up and followed the diet for 44 days in preparation for her 2018 Coachella performance.)

In the video, Borges promises that a plant-only diet — Beyoncé reportedly shunned carbs, sugar, dairy, meat, fish and alcohol — will “definitely” improve energy, sleep and complexions. “Your mood is going to change completely,” he tells Beyoncé’s dancers in the video. In the footage, Beyoncé does deep squats, battle rope training and other intense workouts, in between gruelling rehearsals. “She’s expending more calories than she’s taking in, so, yeah, there’s going to be weight loss,” says Joe Schwarcz, a professor at McGill University.

“I have absolutely nothing against a plant-based diet,” Schwarcz said. “A properly balanced, plant-based diet is probably the ideal diet. But it doesn’t have any special properties for weight loss."

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