MONTREAL GAZETTE | Opinion: Rather than Bill 21, let's have pluralistic secularism


Published: 9Apr2019

"The main purpose of Bill 21 is to “protect our identity,” says Premier François Legault. But whose identity is being protected and what kind of society will this bill promote? By forbidding schoolteachers, school principals, police officers and other public officials, as well as a number of other citizens from wearing religious symbols central to their identities, Bill 21 treats citizens who choose to wear such symbols as threats to our society, incapable of participating fully in a “secular” state and of assuming their responsibilities in a spirit of impartiality and political neutrality. This narrow view of society is actually a form of fundamentalism, which may be termed “ultra-secularism.”" 

Collective letter signed by François Crépeau, professor of Public International Law, McGill University, among many others. 

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